The Women's Spirituality Forum is the nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization founded by Z Budapest to help promote the Goddess' sacred work. Past and present endeavors include the Dianic University Online, the Goddess Festivals, other events and retreats, books, videos, lectures, and CDs, a cable television program, a monthly Goddess magazine and more.
All proceeds from items or services available for sale or subscription via this site benefit the Women's Spirituality Forum.

Blessings on the work of the Goddess in our times!


Our Mission :

To offer a unique educational experience for spiritual seeking women by providing the best in feminist spirituality teachings that help to promote the Goddess’ sacred work liberating women through raising Goddess Consciousness within.


Our Vision :

A world where women are free from patriarchal oppression, and joyfully love and honor themselves and each other without restraint or restriction. A world where women are educated in , informed of and teach one another and our children about the spiritual, women-identified wisdom of witchcraft A world where women are freely able to use this and ancient spiritual wisdom to address overall health, wellness and spiritual concerns through natural means, magic, blessing, healing solutions and, if necessary, hexing for defense of self and family. A world in which free women empower others in the now, and beyond.